Choir History

The origins of Port Sunlight Choral Society go back to 1970 when a group of Unilever employees with a common interest in singing came together to form a small choir. Although shortly afterwards the conductor left to pursue a career move, the members continued to meet without a musical director until the Chairman managed to persuade the late Doris Parkinson, just retiring from her post of Music Mistress at Wirral Girls’ Grammar School, to take on the position.

Opening the choir to anyone interested in choral singing, Doris widened our repertoire, encouraged the choir to take part in local festivals, and the choir went from strength to strength with increasing number of members. Doris stayed in charge for more than 20 years, retiring at the age of 80.

In the 1990′s we had the assistance of several conductors, including Jackie Martindale, Richard Sutton and Peter Heginbotham, each for a relatively short period. Then in 2000 we were fortunate to obtain the services of Adrian Griffiths who continued in the post of Musical Director until May 2008.

From September 2008, Shean Bowers, at that time Director of Music at St Savioiur’s Church, Oxton, became our Director, leaving in summer 2010 on his appointment as Assistant Organist at Bath Abbey.  Shean was followed by Mark Carney, who was Director from 2010 to 2013.

In 2013 Mark Humphreys-Green was appointed Director, and led the choir for 5 years until summer 2018, when he left because of work commitments in Canterbury.

Following Mark’s departure we were delighted to welcome Adrian Griffiths back to the choir as Musical Director after an absence of 10 years. He is ably assisted by Robert Woods as Assistant Musical Director and Accompanist, who has now been with the choir for over 10 years since September 2008.

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